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Preparing For Your Birth Story

While there isn’t much we can “plan” when it comes to a birth, this will provide you with some guidelines and tips to help us get ready for the big day.

Because a birth is such an intimate experience, it’s very helpful for us to get to know one another beforehand. I’d like to meet with you in person a few months prior to your due date and go over your vision for the birth. It’s usually no more than 30 min. and your husband, birth partner/coach, or any other children you have are more than welcome to come meet me, too. If this is a homebirth, we need to meet at your house. Please confirm that photography is allowed at your birthing facility ASAP. If you’re planning a birth at home or in a birthing center, do check with your midwife AND your back up hospital in case of a transfer.

I try to be unobtrusive and document the birth as best as I can with available lighting. No props, no flash (unless absolutely necessary and I ask mom’s permission first), no posing, etc. We may have low light situations and images may be more raw, with film grain or motion blur. Most images will be in black and white.

Of course other friends/family attending the birth may want to take pictures and I completely understand that. I just ask that they try to give me priority so I can do what you’ve hired me to do. Talk to guests beforehand so they are aware that I will be there.

With your permission, I would be happy to announce the birth on my blog with a few (clean) sneak peeks of the baby so you can share with friends/family awaiting the news. Let me know if you want me to do this at our meeting and what you want me to say.

Your final images and birth story video will be ready approximately 4-6 weeks after birth and will be mailed to you on USB in a beautiful keepsake box. It is up to you as to what (if any) images are shared on my website or printed materials. You will have the chance to see the proofs first and make your decisions beforehand (with the exception of a birth announcement post if you want one). I’m completely willing to work with you to make sure you’re comfortable with anything that’s being shown online, so just talk to me. [Declining the model release voids any discounts or special offers related to this session.]

Please contact me as soon as you *think* you might be in labor so I can begin making plans to be there — especially if this is not your first baby. Even if it’s 2 a.m. Even if it’s a false alarm, I’d much rather be ready to go than miss the event. Have someone contact me again when it’s confirmed that you’re in labor (when you’re about 5cm), and I will head to your home, birthing center or hospital. Please keep calling if I don’t answer (it just may mean I didn’t hear the phone).

Thank you again for this opportunity. I can’t wait to capture this miracle for you!

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