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New Year = New Beginnings

A new year, a new beginning.

Photography is a journey.  And it’s been one amazing, adventure-filled journey so far.  The friendships I’ve gained, the clients who have inspired me…it has truly been such an amazing blessing in my life.

I found photography ten years ago, shortly after my son was born.  I recognized, pretty quickly, that it was up to me to make sure that his life was documented through pictures.  I had a Nikon D70 at the time, and began shooting in auto mode.  I took many, many pictures over those first few years.  And as I looked back through them, I noticed that some of the pictures stirred up emotion.  A smile, a giggle, a feeling of warmth and love as I viewed them.  I realized that these images connected me emotionally to a moment in time that was gone.  These images were different from the others.  I began studying them in detail.  Looking at color, composition, connection, expression, light, and movement.  I wanted to be able to make images like these every time I pressed the shutter.  I developed my technical skills.  I trained my eyes to see the light.  I listened to my heart and learned to wait patiently.

My personal work, very naturally moved into client work.  And Julian Evans Photography was born.  It’s been a journey.  And it is still a journey.  But with the new year, I feel that it’s finally time to make a fresh start with this site.  My work and my style has evolved so much over the last few years.  And as I embark on this journey full-time in 2016, I feel like this new chapter deserves a fresh start.  The work you will see on this site comes straight from my heart.  Every image shared here has touched a place in my soul, has spoken to me in some real way.

It is my goal for the new year, to be the most authentic me I can be.  In all parts of my life.  To live free.  To be true to myself as an artist.  To inspire and to never stop growing.

It is my hope, that this blog would be a place to inspire moms and artists, a place for learning, and a place to connect.  So, won’t you join me?  Let’s do this together. Because, after all, it most certainly takes a village.


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