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If you look at the list of applicants, they may look fake. The work was good enough for me to get a B after my personal edits. I always edit my articles to make them personal! If you want to successfully use a personal letter writing service, take the time to spend an hour correcting the letter and adding some information. In the long run, this will help you spend a year in college without being plagiarized…

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They have to be machines to work at that pace. Maybe someone is not completely honest with their customers. I am one of the people who appreciated this company and was not hired for this review. I would like them to send me money to review their company, I need it for school.

In May 2007, they announced that they had received 50,000 completed orders, which means that they have completed an additional 1.05 million orders in the last 11 years. If there are only 400 writers on the team, this would mean that each writer completes an average of 240 messages per year…

They ask new authors to post a $ 150 bond on their account and return it only after 20 works have been completed. This is offensive and probably explains why good writers are reluctant to get involved. I have many questions about their writing skills. When you publish a task, you are attacked by many authors who offer their services. Obviously, many of them do not have a doctorate. degrees as they claim.

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