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Today I want to talk about one of my favorite products.  ALBUMS!  I LOVE albums.

There is just something about having an entire session printed in a beautiful album.  Some of the reason I love them so much probably has to do with the fact that I love stories!  And albums tell stories!  Your story.  But I also love that I have that event or milestone documented and safe.  Too often, I hear about people who have invested a considerable amount of money on digital files but never actually do anything with those files.

Being a professional photographer, I spend a lot of time reading and researching everything that has to do with this industry.  I have studied and consulted other professionals about what is being called the “Digital Dilemna”.  In short, there are a number of professionals who believe we are living in the next dark ages.  Everything we do is digital.  Our entire lives on a hard drive.  The problem is we have no idea how long this digital information will last.  Most agree that it’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN the files will corrupt and no longer be accessible.  This is a very scary thought.

Okay don’t panic.  There is some good news.  Once you understand the nature of digital files and you understand that they are NOT archival, you gain a lot of control.  You can do something about it right now.  The safest thing to do with your images is to print them.  Period.  You can always create a new digital file from a printed image, but you CANNOT create a print from a corrupted digital file.

Let that soak in.

Okay, deep breaths.  Now more good news.  There are SO MANY incredibly easy ways to print your images these days.  I’ll share with you a few of my favorites.

The first is Books To Me.  This is for anyone who uses Instagram to document your day to day.  What I love about this company is that it takes all of the work out of it.  Literally.  You can sign up to receive a printed book of your Instagram images either monthly or quarterly.  They are created automatically according to what plan you select and are shipped straight to your door.  I am signed up quarterly and it’s just a really nice way to get the pictures off my phone and printed.  And my kids LOVE flipping through these books.  So fun!

Another favorite is called Artifact Uprising.  They even have an app you can download to your phone.  You can select images from your phone and order prints or books.  Great pricing, beautiful products and ships straight to your door in a matter of days.  You can even design and order custom photo cards.

And finally, this one is for all of those USBs shoved in drawers and overflowing folders on your desktop.  If you’ve invested in professional portraits, you’ve purchased the digital files and you have a print release from your photographer, this is for you.  Don’t waste your money trying to have your images printed at Walmart or Costco or Target…or CVS or Walgreens…or Shutterfly…or any other consumer grade printing company.  You images will not print the way they were intended.  These labs are not color calibrated for printing professional prints.  And many of these labs apply universal adjustments to all images they print, adding contrast and saturation and sharpening.  Yuck.  Trust me, just don’t do it.

The best place to have your digital files printed (aside from your photographer) is called MPix.  What makes them so special is that they are the sister company of a professional lab. There printers are calibrated to produce the best color and quality at a consumer price.  I would explain this as just a step below a professional lab in the products they offer, but also color accurate.

But, as my clients know, I take it one step further.  When you purchase digital files from me, your images are uploaded into a gallery online.  From there, you are able to order professional prints at prices comparable to Costco.  I have not heard of any other photographers in my area doing this.  For me, I want to provide the best possible experience to my clients.  I offer a beautiful product line that includes fine art framed prints, gallery wrapped canvases, and luxurious albums.  My clients are able to leave with a tangible art product as well as the digital files.  They are able to order as many prints as they desire.  This makes it very easy to print images for grandparents, to create your own wall gallery or add to an existing one.  I want you to be able to do that.  And helping you makes me happy. :)

So back to albums.  Just one of the art products I offer, but a true heirloom.  And true peace of mind knowing that your images (and the story they tell) are safe.

Pictured below is our Linen Album in Cotton and our Distressed Leather Album.  Both available in 8×8 or 10×10, 20 pages with full bleed images.  Starting at $199.



Now booking 2016 newborns, maternity and milestone sessions.  And just 2 spots remain for our Secret Portrait Event this Spring.

To inquire about booking, please call or text 214-289-2949.

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Isabella // Mckinney Newborn Photograher

These are just a handful of my favorites from little miss Isabella’s session.  She was such a little peanut…so calm and curious!  You are so loved, sweet baby girl!


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Prosper Newborn Photography | Every now and again

I love the simplicity of a fresh newborn baby on white, ivory and cream.  But every now and again…I like some fleshy pink or subtle pale blue grey.  And this little girl was perfect for some pink.  She had a beautiful tone to her skin and the pale pink fabric complimented it nicely.



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Things You Should Know That Will Keep Your Baby Safe During Their Newborn Session

My style of posing and even the flow of my sessions, is very natural. I tend to prefer natural posing, natural connections, and images that make you feel something over the perfectly posed image. That said, I do try to include a few classic poses in each of my sessions. And sometimes, a little photoshop magic is needed to get the final result. For a pose like this, the baby’s head is supported at all times. I am able to keep baby safe, without putting any strain on their tiny neck muscles, get this shot and then remove the supporting hand in photoshop. Keeping your baby safe and happy throughout the session is my biggest priority.


safe-newborn-photographyThese are things that all experienced newborn photographers should already know. But in order to keep your baby safe, it’s also important for you, the mom, to be aware.

Things to know that will keep your baby safe during their newborn session:

1. Newborn photography is a very specialized kind of photography that requires extensive knowledge of newborn babies, posing, handling, and soothing. You should make sure that whoever you hire to do your baby’s newborn portraits is experienced with newborns and has invested in training and continued education.

2. The photographer should use a camera strap (preferably a neck strap) at all times. Professional cameras are very big and very heavy. Many of the poses and angles require the photographer to shoot from above the baby, leaning over the baby. The camera should be secured at all times with a camera strap to eliminate the possibility of dropping the camera on the baby. As a parent, you can ask your photographer to use a strap if you notice this is not being done.

3. The baby should NEVER be left alone on a bean bag or prop of any sort. Your photographer should be within arms reach at all times. If your baby is being photographed on top of or inside a box, basket, bed or other prop, there should be another person there to support and spot the baby. You may be asked to sit close and keep your hand on the baby’s back. If you are uncomfortable with this, you should let your photographer know.

4. If your baby is being photographed inside a basket, box or prop in such a way that they are leaning or hanging out of one side, there should be a large weight in the bottom of the basket to keep it from toppling over.

5. The baby should never be placed directly onto a heating pad. There should be multiple layers of fabric between your baby and any heating pad or blanket. It is okay to use a heating pad to warm a spot before laying the baby down, but it should be removed prior to the baby being placed.

6. Your newborn photographer should be vaccinated for flu (during flu season, of course) and Pertusis (Whooping Cough).

7. Your newborn photographer should be insured.

8. Your newborn photographer should keep their nails clean and trimmed. They should also remove any rings or other jewelry while handing your baby to avoid scratching their delicate skin. Their hair should be pulled back or away from their face so that it is not falling onto the baby.

9. All fabrics and props should be thoroughly washed in baby safe detergent after every session.

10. Your newborn photographer should wash their hands with soap and water (not just a hand sanitizing gel) before handling your baby and after handling any soiled fabrics or changing diapers.

11. You should never be asked to leave your baby or go to another room where you cannot see what is happening. You should be offered comfortable seating nearby and be invited to watch the entire session.

12. “Froggy” pose (where the baby is sitting up with their head in their hands) is a composite image. This means that two or more images are merged together in Photoshop to create the final image. The photographer (or assistant’s) hands should never leave your baby.

13. The baby should not be left in any pose or position for an extended period of time where their hands and feet begin to turn purple.

14. This is an obvious one, but your newborn photographer should not put their fingers in your baby’s mouth to soothe them.  Ewww.

15. Another obvious one, but the baby should never be placed into any kind of glass bowl or vase.  I have seen images where a photographer placed a baby into a glass vase filled with gum balls.  This is extremely dangerous!  No, no, never, not ever!

And finally, it’s okay to speak up if something makes you uncomfortable during your newborn session.  Listen to your mommy instincts and make sure that whoever you hire is experienced in handling newborns and SPECIALIZES in newborn photography.

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What You Need To Know Before Hiring a Newborn Photographer

1. Book early
2. All photographers are not the same. Some have a studio. Some come to your home.
3. Photographers have different styles. Posed vs. Natural. Props vs. Simple. Photojournalistic vs. Portrait.
4. Look for a photographer who specializes in newborns and demonstrates an understanding of how to safely handle, pose and transition babies.
5. Pricing varies depending on style, skill level, and years of experience.
6. Ask to see a recent client session gallery. This will give you a clear understanding of what to expect.
7. Get in the picture! Although you may not feel up to being photographed yourself, parent/baby images not only capture connection and emotion, but they provide scale to show just how tiny they were or how they fit so perfectly into your arms.
8. If siblings will be photographed with the baby, make arrangements for someone to take them home afterward.
9. Ask around and get referrals.
10. Be prepared that the studio will be warm to keep baby comfortable. Bring a bottle to “top off” the baby if needed during the session.

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